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Pediatric and Perinatal Biochemistry Special Interest Group


The Pediatric and Perinatal Biochemistry Focus Group is an important forum for CSCC membership to identify and discuss pediatric issues in clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine in general. s.

The objectives of this group are to:
1. Discuss current issues in pediatric clinical biochemistry with the goal of developing solutions and recommendations
2. Develop plans for harmonization across pediatric clinical chemistry laboratories in Canada.
3. Initiate and implement projects that enhance standardization of laboratory operations and methodologies across pediatric clinical laboratories.

4. Develop collaborative research projects that advance the field.

General Activities:

1. Meet every year at the CSCC Annual Conference.

The primary purpose of the annual meeting is to stimulate discussion and encourage collaboration of members and attendees to solve problems. Members and attendees are expected to report back to the focus group (e.g., email the chairs and/or membership) and present in-person updates at the annual meeting.

2. Draft position statements/consensus documents
3. Post articles on the CSCC Listserv (under development)
4. Write articles for the CSCC News newsletter.


Dr. Lori Beach

Dr. Lawrence de Koning


Term of Office: 2023 – present


Khosrow Adeli
Dana Bailey
Vilte Barakauskas
Lori Beach
Lawrence DeKoning
Matthew Henderson
Victoria Higgins
Benjamin Jung
Nathalie LePage
Martha Lyon
Ed Randell
David Seccombe
Li Wang