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Clinical Chemist in Lab
Clinical Chemist Group
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Toxicology Special Interest Group


The Toxicology Interest Group’s purpose is to increase awareness of recent developments in areas such as new street drugs, new contaminants of street drugs, novel therapeutic agents, and improvements in interpretation of clinically-relevant results; to provide real-world experience with clinical toxicology and TDM-specific issues, to assist generalists in interpretation and analysis of these topics; and to deepen basic knowledge of pharmacology, toxicology and analytical issues, and define key and novel areas of particular importance to daily functioning of toxicology labs.

General Activities:

This interest group organizes a session at the annual meeting where individuals present recent cases and developments. This provides an open format to allow for free discussion and sharing of ideas. Topics have included: identification of adulterated urine samples, pharmacogenomics-related drug interactions, contamination of street drugs, and new methods to identify abused drugs, new and emerging drugs, drug-drug interactions and drug toxicities.


Dr. curtis oleschuk

Term of Office: 2023 – present


Daniel Beriault
Yu Chen
David Colantonio
David Cole
Yanping Gong
Bhushan Kapur
David Kinniburgh
Don LeGatt
Joseph Macri
Manuela Neuman
Curtis Oleschuk
Hossein Sadrazadeh
Cristiana Stefan
Allison Venner
Paul Yip