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The CSCC listserv is maintained through the Queen’s University server ( It is open to all members of the CSCC.

Posted information currently is not filtered and all content submitted to the listserv is automatically distributed to subscribers via the subscriber’s email account.  Subscribers may remove themselves from participating by contacting the listserv and requesting to be unsubscribed.


The CSCC listserv is intended to be an educational forum that allows subscribers to remotely participate in discussions.  Discussion topics are determined by subscriber’s postings on the listserv. Topics are vast and currently fall under the following categories:
1. Searching for a reference laboratory to perform a specific test
2. Preanalytical
3. Analytical
4. Vendor and product availability
5. Method (SOP) sharing
6. Polling questions for consensus building
7. Announcements from CSCC Head Office

How to join the listserv

Only members of CSCC may join the listserv.  Members are automatically members of the listserv when they join CSCC.  To be removed from the listserv contact

Terms of Reference

1. The purpose of the CSCC listserv is to provide a discussion forum for listserv subscribers.  Its advantage over other modes of communication is that it broadcasts the information to all subscribers inexpensively allowing for a discussion to occur amongst a large group of people. 

2. The content on the listserv is determined by its subscribers, however, subscribers to the CSCC listserv are encouraged to bear in mind that the listserv is a face of the CSCC. 

3. Listserv content should be related to the practice of clinical chemistry.  The following practices represent unacceptable use of the listserv:
i. Solicitation of listserv members for commercial purposes.
ii. Posting of requests related to employment in the profession.

4. Members posting to the listserv must include their full name.

Content Review Process

Acceptability of a posting is determined by feedback from listserv subscribers.  If a subscriber finds a posting inappropriate, he/she should initiate the following process:

  1. Submit a copy of the posting with brief explanation to CSCC Head Office in the form of an email message (
  2. CSCC Head Office will direct the concern to Head of Publications.
  3. Head of Publications will determine whether to contact the author of the posting and notify them of their inappropriate posting.  If it is unclear how to proceed, Head of Publications may consult CSCC Executive in determining the appropriateness of the posting, and this will be determined by the impact of the posting on the face of the CSCC.  In some cases, the author of the posting may have their listserv subscription privileges suspended.
  4. Head of Publications will notify CSCC Head Office on how to proceed.


Approved by CSCC Council
February 13, 2013