COVID-19 SIG (Inactive)

Group Photo Of Professional Colleagues Working Together In Clinical Analysis Laboratory
Clinical Chemist Working
Clinical Chemist Group
Clinical Chemist in Lab
Clinical Chemist in Lab
Clinical Chemist Group
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Clinical Chemist in Lab

COVID-19 Special Interest Group (Inactive)


A forum for the CSCC members from across the country to discuss different aspects of COVID-19, and the role of clinical biochemists in healthcare response to the pandemic.

General Activities:

Share provincial experiences and best practices related to selection, validation, implementation, and interpretation of testing for COVID-19 (diagnosis, serology, disease management)

In collaboration with CSCC Council be proactive in raising visibility of the role Canadian clinical biochemists have in response to COVID-19 through public outreach and engagement of other professional organizations.


Dr. Danijela Konforte

Dr. Ihssan Bouhtiauy

Terms of Office: 2020 – 2023



BC: Vilte Barakauskas, Mari DeMarco, Sophia Wong, Kaur Sukhbir, Kent Dooley, Joanna Jung

AB: Dennis Orton; Matthew Estey, Allison Venner

QC: Vincent De Guire, Rose Dijana, Nicolas Tetreault

SK: Andrew Lyon

ON: Julie Shaw, Michael Knauer, Saranya Arnoldo, Paul Yip, Ivan Stevic, Yanping Gong, Lusia Sepiashvili, Cristiana Stefan, Jennifer Taher, Uvaraj Uddayasankar, Mohamed Abouelhassan, Nicole White-Al Habeeb, Maria Pasic; Peter Kavsak, Michael Chan, Kika Veljkovic, Vathany Kulasingam, Kun-Young Sohn, Ivan Blasutig, Lei Fu, Yun Huang, Dana Bailey; Tony Chetty, Eleonora Petryayeva, Curtis Oleschuk; Mary Kathryn Bohn; Dorothy Truong, Greg Morgan

NB:  Ihssan Bouhtiauy

NS: Lori Beach ; Amy Lou : Manal Elnenaei

NL: Ed Randell

PEI: Jason Robinson

USA: Adil Khan