Point of Care Testing SIG

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Clinical Chemist Group
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Clinical Chemist in Lab
Clinical Chemist Group
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Point-of-Care Testing Special Interest Group


To provide a venue for collaborating to share challenges associated with POCT and to facilitate the development of strategies and guidance aimed at improving the quality of POCT, regardless of where POCT is being performed.



Dr. Julie Shaw

Term of Office: 2014 – present



Cynthia Balion
Lori Beach
Teralee Burton
Davor Brinc
Amir Karin
Anna Fuezery
Angela Fung
Yun Huang
Sukhbir Kaur
Adil Khan
Michael Knauer
Dailin Li
Felix Leung
Samantha Logan
Andre Mattman
Lyne Massicottee
N. Nochard
Heather Paul
Atoosa Rezvanpour
Jennifer Shea
Vinita Thakur
Laurel Thorlacius
Allison Venner
Paul Yip



General Activities:

This group aims to meet annually at the CSCC Annual Meeting and also holds virtual meetings throughout the year, as required.

  • Sub-committees within the group are formed to work on dedicated projects. These groups meet virtually.
  • This group will work via email correspondence during the year
  • Individual members will have the opportunity to share the challenges they have encountered as well as their strategies
  • The mandate of this group will be to develop consistent strategies to deal with the challenges that face POCT programs, particularly pertaining to accreditation requirements

Current sub-group activities:

  1. Establishing quality indicators for POCT – in collaboration with the QI SIG – chaired by J. Shaw and V. De Guire
  2. Writing of a consensus document for the use of CGM in hospital settings.  In collaboration with the AACC, ADA and Diabetes Canada – Chaired by J. Shaw
  3. Accuracy and precision challenges with POCT glucose testing in neonatal patients – chaired by J. Shaw
  4. POCT performed by Medical Laboratory Assistants to help address Health Human Resource shortages – Chaired by J. Shaw
  5. Guidance for POCT performed outside the hospital setting – Chaired by A. Mattman
  6. POCT performed by EMS – Chaired by A. Fuezery
  7. Addressing accuracy issues related to POCT for fetal scalp lactate – Chaired by A. Fung
  8. Developing Choosing Wisely recommendations for POCT – Chaired by A. Venner