Quality Indicators SIG

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Clinical Chemist Group
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Clinical Chemist in Lab
Clinical Chemist Group
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Clinical Chemist in Lab

Quality Improvement through Quality Indicators Special Interest Group


Promoting quality improvement in Clinical Chemistry across Canada though the comparison of Quality Indicators (QIs) between laboratories. Promoting standardization in the QIs field based on the IFCC work. Initiating standardization initiative using QIs as a benchmark. Consolidating the collaboration of the CSCC with the Program of Quality Indicators Comparison of the SQBC and the Working Group on Laboratory Errors and Patients Safety of the IFCC.

General Activities:

  • Publishing guidelines on the standardization of QIs in POCT
  • Integrating the POCT QIs in the Program for Quality Indicators Comparison (SQBC in collaboration with the CSCC and IFCC)
  • Enrolling laboratories across Canada in the QI initiative of the SQBC/CSCC/IFCC



Dr. Vincent De Guire

Term of Office: 2020 – present



Julie Shaw

Saranya Arnoldo

Aslan Berna

Ihssan Bouthiauy

Davor Bric

Miranda Brun

Christine Collier

Anna Fuezery

Angela Fung

Yun Huang

Josko Ivica

Sukhbir Kaur

Élie Kostantin

Felix Leug

Vinita Thakur

Laurel Thorlacius

Alisson Venner

Paul Yip