Harmonization of Reference Intervals Working Group

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CSCC Working Group on Harmonization of Reference Intervals


Establish evidence-based harmonized/common reference intervals (hRIs) and support their implementation in laboratories across Canada.

General Activities:

There is significant and unwarranted variation in reference intervals used by laboratories for assays with established analytical traceability. The CSCC Working Group on Reference Interval Harmonization (hRI-WG) aims to establish harmonized reference intervals for laboratory tests and support implementation. Key activities include:

  • Development of a novel comprehensive approach for hRI establishment and application to 16 initial candidate analytes (expanded analyses planned)
  • Development of tools for implementation of hRI recommendations in Canadian laboratories, including:
    • Town hall/webinar series
    • Educational resources
    • Verification and flagging tools

Additional subcommittees also aim to harmonize interpretation of test results in specialized settings, including:

  • Harmonization of Lipid Reporting in Adults and Pediatrics
  • Harmonization of CSF Analysis for Investigation of Multiple Sclerosis

If interested in participating, please contact co-chairs Dr. Khosrow Adeli and Christine Collier.


Khosrow Adeli and Christine Collier


Dana Bailey
Cynthia BalionDaniel Beriault
George Cembrowski
Victoria Higgins
Benjamin Jung
Zahraa Mohammed Ali
Karina Rodriguez-Capote
David Seccombe
Jennifer Taher
Albert Tsui
Allison Venner
Nicole White-Al Habeeb
Julia Stemp

Post-Doctoral and Graduate Student Members:

Mary Kathryn Bohn

CSCC Head Office Support:

Erica Lattimore

CSCC members on CSCChRI-L:

  • Terence Agbor
  • Berna Aslan
  • David Blank
  • Jake Cosme
  • Anna Fuezery
  • Angela Fung
  • Trefor Higgins
  • Josko Ivica
  • Felix Leung
  • Joe Macri
  • Amber Marcano
  • Pierre-Olivier Hetu
  • Michelle Parker
  • Isolde Seiden Long
  • Janet Simons
  • Julie Shaw
  • Vinita Thakur
  • Dorothy Truong
  • Uvaraj Uddayasankar
  • Paul Yip

Industry Partner Representatives:

Christina Fabbro (Abbott)
Joe Bottos (Beckman)
Maria Patru (OCD – Rochester, NY)
Guy Turcotte (Roche)
Matthew Coughlin (Siemens)
Waihao Tang (Alexion)

Representatives to Other Societies:

K Adeli (AACC, IFCC)
D Seccombe (AACC)
J Macri (IFCC)
Isolde Seiden-Long (ISO)
Berna Aslan (IQMH)
Karen Scraba (BD)

Other Associations and Collaborators:

Russell Price (President, Ontario Association of Pathologists –Barrie)
Graham Jones (Australia)
Lina Santaguida (Epidemiologist (methodology), McMaster)
Qing Fan (LifeLabs)

Recent Publications:

Main hRI WG:

(as published in Journal of Laboratory Medicine, Volume 45, Pages 79-85 (April 2021))


Lipid Reporting Subcommittee:



Practice Updates:

Includes published recommendations by CSCC hRI WG on lipid reporting in adults and additional resources (i.e., NIH LDL-C equation Implementation toolkit):

  • Communication Template
  • Transition Reporting Comments
  • Key verification conditions and template to verify correct calculation by NIH LDL-C Equation