Fluids SIG (Archived 2016)Fluids SIG (Archived 2016)Fluids SIG (Archived 2016)

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Clinical Chemist Group
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Clinical Chemist in Lab
Clinical Chemist Group
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Fluids SIG (Archived 2016)


• To set up a forum for discussion of fluid testing in Biochemistry labs.
• To come up with a standard policy and document for acceptable tests in various non-blood, non-urine body fluids.

General Activities:

1. Teleconference Discussions.
2. Annual meeting satellite group discussions.
3. Set up of a data repository of fluid tests.

Chair: Dr. AbdulRazaq Sokoro

Term of Office: 2013 – 2016


• Dr. AbdulRazaq Sokoro
• Dr. Morris Pudek
• Dr. Kun-Young Sohn
• Dr. Lei Fu
• Dr. Li Wang
• Dr. Karina Capote
• Dr. Joel Lavoie
• Dr. Adil Khan
• Dr. Valerian Dias
• Dr. Ken Onuska
• Dr. Yu Chen
• Dr. Mathew Estey
• Dr. Mohebullah Zamkanei